Talk Therapy V Hypno-Sensing

  Treating humans without the concept of energy is treating dead matter.

– Albert Szent-Gyorgi, MD, Nobel Prize Laureate

In the last century it was revealed that our thoughts and feelings are made of energy. Until that point, behavioural problems, relationship problems, confidence issues, inability to lose weight, addictions, depressed feelings, and other bothersome emotional problems were treated with one of many types of ‘talk therapy’. The traditional thinking was that people needed to open-up, and explore ‘why they do what they do’ so they could shift their perception and -hopefully- find it easier to do things differently and achieve better outcomes. However, traditional talk therapy can take months, and in some cases years, to unravel the complexities of ‘why we do what we do’. Plus, if the talk therapy is of relatively short duration -around 6 sessions-  people often revert to their old habitual patterns of behaviour once the therapy ends.

  When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know

 -Dalai Lama

The discovery that our thoughts and feelings are made of energy, opened the door to new ways of unravelling  the complexities of our mind. Forward-thinking psychologists began to wonder…If our emotions are energy, and energy flows around our body…what if suppressed emotions block the flow of energy in our body? – and might these blocks cause stressful feelings and  rob us of clarity?

These thoughts gathered momentum and led to the creation of a new branch of psychology – ‘energy psychology’. The rationale behind energy psychology was that identifying and releasing the trapped energy caused by suppressed or ‘buried’ emotions, would also release the negative feeling caused by the blockage.

  The emotions trapped in your body, are the cause of 90% of your problems

– Dr Bradley Nelson, ‘The Emotion Code

Some of the energy psychology techniques became headline news and were hailed as ‘miraculous’ -people using energy psychology techniques reported being free -often in minutes- from painful feelings they had been carrying around -sometimes for years. However, the bubble soon burst, and the press began comparing energy psychology to ‘snake oil’ after people claimed their ‘released feelings’, often came back…

As a practitioner of the most popular of these energy psychology techniques,   I remember thinking it was a shame the press chose to throw the baby out with the bathwater. It WAS miraculous that these techniques could liberate  someone from negative feelings they might have had for decades. I thought it a shame that instead of opening a debate about why the released feelings came back, the press chose to throw the techniques under the bus. 

  The truth may be puzzling. It may not be consonant with what we want to be true. But our preferences do not determine what is true

– Carl Sagan, author, astrophysicist

It wasn’t until I began studying the workings of our subconscious mind in more depth, that I realised how powerful our subconscious programming is. It made me realise that to ensure the ‘released feelings’ didn’t come back, it was going to be necessary to rewrite the subconscious programming responsible for causing the feelings. 

Rewriting subconscious programming requires repetition and reinforcement.  For my clients to rewrite their subconscious programming, this would mean they would have to use the energy psychology techniques on their own, regularly, in-between sessions. However, this proved problematic. While the techniques ‘appeared’ easy to use, there was an art to zeroing in on the exact frequency pattern of the feeling to be released. Unfortunately, many of my clients  complained that they did not get the same results when using the techniques on their own. Not unreasonably,  if people were not getting good results, they were not going to be motivated to use the techniques regularly enough… As a result, they did not get the reinforcement needed to rewrite their subconscious programming, so it was almost inevitable that the feelings they released during their sessions would come back.

  Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition will one day become a reality.

 -Earle Nightingale, co-founder of Nightingale Conant

There was no question in my mind that liberating trapped emotional energy was the future when it comes to helping people with their emotional problems. But I also knew that unless the new feeling was reinforced, peoples’ habitual subconscious programming would reinstate the old, disempowering feeling.

For years, I struggled to find a way to encourage my clients to use the techniques regularly on their own, but my attempts were often unsuccessful. I then began to wonder if I could find another way to allow people to release their trapped feelings- a way that would be easier for them to use regularly on their own, in-between sessions. That way, I knew they would get the all-important reinforcement needed to rewrite their old, disempowering subconscious programming.

After years of trial and error, in March 2020, I finally added the finishing touches to the emotional transformation technique I have called Hypno-Sensing … just as lockdown was announced! As clients could no longer come to see me, I had to put my thinking cap back on again to work out a way to use Hypno-Sensing over the internet. I am happy to say, Hypno-Sensing has been extremely effective over Skype. I am currently investigating ‘Zoom’.

Your Hypno-Sensing Session

Prior to your Hypno-Sensing session, we will have spoken on the ‘phone and exchanged emails so I know exactly what is bothering you, how it makes you feel and  how you would rather feel – the ultimate goal of Hypno-Sensing. Many of my clients say they are already feeling better after the ‘phone call and the emails we exchange. The preparation also helps me prepare the scripts for your Hypno-Sensing session. The preparation prior to your session, can take over two hours, but this is mostly work I am doing behind the scenes. ‘Getting it right’ makes all the difference to the effectiveness of your Hypno-Sensing session😉

Step 1 of the Hypno-Sensing process lasts approximately 45 minutes. The process uses a combination of ‘relaxation’, ‘intention’, ‘focusing’, and ‘visualisation’ to identify and liberate the trapped emotional energy responsible for your disempowering subconscious thoughts and feelings. We keep going until the trapped feeling has been liberated and you are in a neutral feeling-state and receptive to the positive feelings you will be resonating with in Step 2. Step 2 is what I call the ‘fun part’ – transforming the liberated energy into feelings of your choice. [I have created feeling-lists you can choose from. These are from the sequel to ‘Hypno-Sensing- a 21st Century Formula for Happiness’, but I use them with my current clients]

Step 2 lasts between 10-15 minutes and is recorded. The recording is sent to a device of your choosing -most people choose WhatsApp. I recommend that you listen to the recording when you wake-up and before going to sleep, as regular reinforcement is necessary to reinforce the new feelings and rewrite your old, disempowering subconscious programming.

NB I now offer the option of having your Step 2 recording extended to 4 hours,  so it plays on a loop while you and your critical conscious mind are fast asleep – your subconscious mind is always wide awake    

I invite you to take advantage of the generous offer I am making prior to publication of my book [Please link to the pre-launch offer at the bottom of the Home Page] I want as many people as possible to experience Hypno-Sensing and provide their honest feedback, which may -with your permission of course- be included in my book.  The discount is also 100% risk-free. I am so confident in Hypno-Sensing’s effectiveness that if you do not feel a significant improvement in how you feel by the end of your session, your money will be refunded in full.

To watch testimonial videos by those who have experienced Hypno-Sensing, please click the link 

  It is psychological law, that whatever we desire to accomplish, we must first impress upon the subconscious mind.

  -Dr Orison Marden