Emotional pain is the greatest contagion of our time – of all time

– Marc Ian Barasch, Author, Environmental activist

Hypno-Sensing allows you to rewrite the self-sabotaging programs in your subconscious mind, and the most self-sabotaging of these programs have their roots in the subconscious programs we unwittingly downloaded before we were seven years old. As adults we are generally unaware of these programs, but they are the cause of the estimated 12 – 60,000 subconscious thoughts we have every day, most of which are negative and repetitive. Our self-talk influences how we deal with our relationship issues, self-image issues, weight issues, confidence issues, financial issues, work-related issues …

 The average person has between 12-60,000 thoughts per day, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive

-The National Science Federation

However, when we rewrite the disempowering programs in our subconscious mind, so they support our conscious intention, our limiting-beliefs and our self-talk begin to support our conscious intention… instead of sabotaging it. As a result, your life will begin to transform as you deal much more effectively with the former ‘problems’ in your life.

Among those who have experienced Hypno-Sensing and listened to the recording from their sessions regularly, 100% have reported positive results. Many said they soon noticed they were beginning to think and feel differently, – others were treating them differently, and they noticed many improvements in their relationships and other areas in their lives.

Please click the link to watch videos made by those who have experienced Hypno-Sensing.

 Stop tolerating your excuses, your limiting beliefs or your half-assed, fearful states, and start living

-Tony Robbins, author, motivational speaker

NB Repetition and reinforcement are key to reprogramming our subconscious mind effectively. My main intentions when developing Hypno-Sensing was that repetition and reinforcement should be easy.

People have asked if Hypno-Sensing is hypnotherapy. It is not. Hypno-Sensing uses a combination of ‘intention’, ‘focusing’, ‘relaxation’ and ‘visualisation’. Throughout the Hypno-Sensing process you are always conscious and in-control. Please click the link to watch the videos made by those who have experienced Hypno-Sensing

The Hypno-Sensing Process

Prior to your Hypno-Sensing session, we will have spoken on the ‘phone and exchanged emails so you can explain what it going in your life, how it makes you feel and how you would rather feel by the end of your session.  I will use this information to fine-tune the scripts we will use during  Steps 1 and 2 of your Hypno-Sensing session. Sessions take place in King’s Cross London, or on Skype.

STEP 1. Step 1 of the Hypno-Sensing process uses focused intention, and visualisation while you are in a very relaxed state.  The process identifies and liberates the trapped energy responsible for the feelings you want to transform . By the end of Step 1, the trapped energy will have been liberated and ready to transform into a feeling of your choice in Step 2. 

At the end of Step 1 you will be in a neutral feeling state.

 95% of chronic stress is fuelled by trapped emotional energy

– Candace Pert, ‘Molecules of Emotion’

STEP 2. Step 2 of the Hypno-Sensing process transforms the energy from the feeling you liberated in Step 1 into an empowering feeling of your choice.

If you are unsure of how you would prefer to feel, you can choose from the extensive feeling-lists which will be part of the sequel to my soon-to-be-published book, ‘Hypno-Sensing: A 21st Century Formula for Happiness’. My Hypno-Sensing clients are given access to the lists prior to publication.

Step 2 is recorded  and lasts approx. 10 minutes.* The recording is a key part of the process. Listening to it regularly, rewrites your subconscious programs so they reflect your conscious intention, it also reinforces how you choose to feel. I suggest listening to the  recording when you wake up and before going to sleep.

At the end of your session, I send a copy of the recording to your preferred device. Most people choose ‘WhatsApp’ or an mp3 device.

* I am now able to offer an extended 4/5 hour- version of the 10-minute recording. I recommend listening to this version as you fall asleep. Your subconscious mind is very suggestible. Your subconscious mind is also wide awake, while you and your critical conscious mind, are fast asleep.

 By itself, conscious positive thinking cannot overcome subconscious negative feelings – reinforcement is necessary

-Joe Dispenza – ‘Breaking the habit of being yourself’

Hypno-Sensing sessions are usually three weeks apart. During those three weeks, you will be listening to the recording from your session regularly – regular reinforcement is key to rewriting the disempowering programs in your subconscious mind.

I recommend at least 3-4 sessions, or until you feel you no longer need my help.  Hypno-Sensing is so effective I am confident you will feel significantly better by the end of your first session. If you don’t, I don’t expect payment.

To get an idea of the range of benefits experienced by those who have used Hypno-Sensing, please click this linkthis link.

 Emotional pain is the greatest contagion of our time – of all time

– Marc Ian Barasch, Author, Environmental activist

NB to read my views on Hypno-Sensing V Talk Therapy, you can read my Blog by clicking the link

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